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Debt Recovery in Spain

If you are owed money and need assistance in recovering the debt, whether the debtor’s assets are situated in Spain or in the UK, E&G Solicitors in Spain can guide you through the legal process, and obtain court orders on your behalf, in order for you to recover the debt owed to you.

Locating and recovering debt of any value can be a difficult and time-consuming process. E&G Solicitors in Spain’s experienced lawyers based in London, UK, and Tarragona, Spain, are well-equipped to deal with debt recovery in any jurisdiction, with a particular emphasis on Spain, the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The process of recovering a debt in Spain

If you are unfamiliar with Spanish law and the Spanish language you may not know where to start the process of locating a defaulting party, or how to make sure he or she honours his or her debt. With the help of our experienced lawyers based in Tarragona, Spain, and London, UK, we are able to issue court proceedings on your behalf to lawfully recover the money or assets that are owed to you.

The process of recovering a debt in the UK

If you are based in the UK and need to recover a debt from a party located in Spain, or vice versa, we can assist whether or not you have already obtained a court judgment against the debtor.  

At E&G Solicitors in Spain we specialise in the recovery of debt by way of a European Order for Payment, which can be obtained from courts anywhere in the EU, other than in Denmark.  No judgment is necessary in order to obtain the European Order for Payment. This means we can help you to recover debts quickly and cost effectively. 

If you have already obtained an uncontested judgment in respect of a debt, either in Spain or in the UK, we can help you to enforce that judgment in the country of residence of the defendant by way of a European Enforcement Order. The procedure speeds up the process of enforcing judgments and allows you to access the funds you are owed at a vastly reduced cost. 

The service

E&G Solicitors in Spain can handle legal proceedings through the courts to recover debts on your behalf. We also have extensive experience in locating debtors and ensuring they repay any sums due. We provide all of our clients with regular progress reports, while also maintaining regular correspondence with debtors to ensure each matter is resolved quickly.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at, by telephone on 020 3478 1420 or by filling out our contact form.


We were more than pleased with the service we received from E&G Solicitors in Spain. Without them we would not have uncovered a major flaw in an impending property purchase, which they then helped us renegotiate. No one should consider purchasing property in Spain without competent legal advice and we strongly recommend this friendly and efficient firm.

Tim and Sue Gilbert, England