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Business Law in Spain

If you are thinking about opening a business in Spain, or already operate in the country, it is important to understand and comply with all relevant laws, taxes and regulations, regarding employment, contracts, company formation, commerce, compliance, dispute resolution and debt recovery.

E&G Solicitors in Spain offers a comprehensive service that will take care of your business law needs, allowing you the time you need to concentrate on marketing and selling your goods and services.


Our solicitors based in Tarragona, Spain, and London, UK, will be able to assist you with any employment issues connected with your business. We have extensive experience drafting and issuing contracts of employment and advising on redundancies and dismissals, as well as assisting on minimising the likelihood of employment-related litigation.

Dispute resolution

When your business is the subject of litigation it is advisable to enter into talks with the other side to reach a settlement. If, for whatever reason, you find that your business is the subject of litigation and you intend to resolve any disputes through mediation or any other form of alternative dispute resolution then E&G Mediation can help.

Our expert negotiators can assist with limiting the financial consequences of litigation and help you reach an agreement with the other side that will minimise your risk and reduce your vulnerability within a settlement.

Setting up a business in Spain

There are many considerations that need to be taken into account when establishing your business in Spain.  E&G Solicitors in Spain can provide you with the advice necessary for you to be able to determine whether you trade in your own name, as a partnership, or in the name of a company in Spain.  We can help you build a reputation and presence in Spain to help your business prosper.  We can also advise you as to the merits of registering as a Spanish limited liability company or as a foreign registered company and the relevant tax implications involved with each.

Purchasing a business in Spain

If you are considering purchasing an established business in Spain as a means of entering a particular sector, it will be essential for you seek independent legal advice before you proceed with the transaction. Due diligence will be a fundamental element of the acquisition process, from a legal and accounting viewpoint, to ensure you are aware of all aspects and obligations of the business before you commit.

E&G Solicitors in Spain will conduct a comprehensive review of a prospective business purchase and explore ways in which to maximise your business opportunity.

Purchasing insolvent businesses and distressed assets

E&G Solicitors in Spain’s solicitors in the UK and Spain have particular expertise in purchasing insolvent businesses and distressed assets. We are able to negotiate with current owners or the liquidator on your behalf, depending upon whether the winding up process has commenced or not.

Whether you intend on purchasing the insolvent business’s assets, take over the lease or continue to trade using existing staff, E&G Solicitors in Spain can advise you as to all fiscal and legal implications and the best option available to you.

An important part of our service involves making clients aware of the complexities of doing business in Spain and guiding them through the process so they can prosper in the Spanish market.


Contract negotiations and agreements with customers and suppliers may be an everyday occurrence in business, but if not conducted properly they can have a devastating and lasting effect on your company.

E&G Solicitors in Spain has the necessary expertise and skill to ensure that your business contracts and operations are advantageous to you and your company. We are also able to act on your behalf during any negotiations and mediation that might occur through contract breaches.


As with any business, in any jurisdiction, compliance with national and regional laws is imperative for your business to thrive and prosper. We can ensure that you are registered with all necessary government departments and have all relevant licences in place to operate lawfully.

Debt recovery

If you are owed money and are looking to recover sums of money from either a national, or a non-national of Spain, then you will need someone with the expertise and experience to handle debt recovery in any jurisdiction.

Tracing and recovering assets can be a costly and time-consuming process if you are unsure where to begin looking.  If you suspect that a person or company who owes you money owns assets in Spain, E&G Solicitors in Spain can utilise cost-effective tracing methods to identify those assets and deal with them accordingly.

We can also file court applications, issue sale proceedings for orders for sale and negotiate settlements with third parties to make the debt and asset recovery process seamless and cost-effective for your business.

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The matter could not have been handled more professionally. I was kept informed of progress at every point. They were professional, courteous and helpful. My experience was so positive that I can’t imagine that the service could have been any better. I would highly recommend E&G Solicitors in Spain.

Steve, Dorset